3 Hacks To Improve Public Speaking Skills

3 Hacks to Improve Public Speaking SkillsStarting up with the quote is not intended to dishearten you. Rather, it is to motivate you so that you dig out the hidden talents you’re blessed with.

All the great speakers were bad speakers at firstRalph Waldo

To become a top-paid Influencer, your foremost step is to improve public speaking skills. Ironically, public speaking fear is surpassing the fear of death among people, (Said by Comedian Jerry Seinfeld). Isn’t this astonishing?

If you are insecure or introvert; sharing your knowledge in front of a crowd will be highly problematic. Never mind! Let’s focus on how to overcome the fear of public speaking in 3 ways:

1. Do Detailed Study

If you feel ready to take a step towards mastering the art of public speaking, then doing thorough research should be your must-to-take step. Remember that, you can never share what you don’t know. Sharing illogical content will not only portray you as senseless idiotic person but, will also shake your confidence.

To avoid such mishaps, read relevant details from different sources as much as possible. You should be ready to answer maximum questions asked by the audience. To improve public speaking skills, you must keep comprehensive knowledge in the background.

Doing research sounds boring at first. But once you start taking interest, you’ll never forget what you read.

2. Start With Humor

Sometimes a bit of comedy in the beginning will make your audience stick with you till the end. Get frank with the audience but in a creative manner will show your lecture won’t sound boring to them. You will be amazed to know average listening attention span is 20 minutes. For that either you start with a serious brief outline or a bit comedy, would work best. Also it will reduce your nerves, simultaneously boosting the confidence. Once you get along with the audience, you won’t feel out of words.

3. Pay Attention to Non-Verbal Communication

To develop and improve public speaking skills don’t forget to master nonverbal communication. Standing at one place for hours like a robot would hardly capture and maintain listeners’ attention for 5-10 minutes. Moving while speaking will make you relaxed and confident. But moving too much would definitely give a headache to your audience.

Besides moving, speaker should master different variations of tone. Speaking in one pitch, will not maintain listeners’ attention. Instead they will start finding other alternatives just to ignore you. A simple message can be highly effective if you know proper usage of body movements and tonal styles.

A speaker should know when to raise the pitch and when to decrease the pitch.

So these were most common yet highly effective tricks to improve public speaking skills. But the list goes on! Always remember practice is the mother of all skills. Do as much practice in front of a mirror; speak daily on any topic for few minutes.

We hope our simple tricks would help you. Good Luck!

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