Do You Know Why People Smoke?

Do You Know Why People Smoke?Every individual adopts habits in his life. Normally, habits are supported by interests or they lie in an individual’s nature by default. Good habits are good for one as they add stars to one’s life. Whereas, there are certain habits that do not good for an individual but harm in one way or the other. Smoking is one of those habits. Some people do it for fun, some are addicted to it, and some use it as a tool for reducing stress. Whatever the reason maybe, smoking undoubtedly is injurious to health.

1- People Do Smoke Because They Are Addicted

How this fun thing does become a bad habit? People who do smoking for fun, they actually start smoking when they are teenagers which slowly and gradually become so primary that if they don’t smoke they can’t function well, this leads them to addiction and they become chain smokers. Some people try harder to get back to life and quit smoking but since the nicotine is involved in smokes’ blood so they can’t get away from it. In essence, it’s a strong addiction.

2-For Fun

There are several reasons involved in people’s smoking habit. Teenagers does it because they want to be associated with a particular group (social affiliation), or they do it because their ideal personality does smoking. The old saying is that the children learn from their parents about how to act in a society, so they smoke because their parents and elders do smoking. Another reason may be experimenting to find how it feels when a man smokes.

3- For Reducing Stress

Adults may have different reasons to smoke like as I mentioned above some people smoke to reduce the level of stress which might involve financial problems, severe losses in business, bad relationships or loneliness. Some adults might just want to seek pleasure from smoking, while some attach a self-concept of looking like a macho man when they smoke.

To conclude, I would suggest every single smoker that whether you are young or old, value your life! God has given this precious life to everyone to make the most out of it, learn to develop good habits that provide you fame and gives you respect. Don’t waste this gift of life by bad habits like smoking since its injurious to health!!!

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