4 Safety Travel Tips For Women

4 Safety Travel Tips For WomenBeing a Pakistani girl, you must have experienced times when you had to shun down your travel plans just because your parents think ‘it is unsafe for females’ to travel alone! Be assured, you are not the only one who have been talked down on how dangerous it is for girls to travel alone, especially in a country like Pakistan! However, gone are the days when females gave up their opportunities for unseen dilemmas! Thanks to the advent of e-commerce and wireless technologies, things are now more transparent and manageable than were ever before.

All you need to do is act smart and plan ahead to overcome any unforeseen events during your travel! Have a look at the list of travel tips for women that Jovago Pakistan has compiled to ensure your safe and secure travel!

4 Safety Travel Tips For Women

1- Do a thorough research on your destination!

The first important travel tips for women is “Research”. Remember, most of the times girls fail to get permission for their travel not because it is unsafe but because they fail to provide specificity of their plan. Just having a destination in mind without any complementary planned is simply not enough! Think of it as your college research project, you might have to start researching for it weeks or probably months in advance.

2- Make your travel insurance handy!

It is always a better idea to be safe than to be sorry! It is ok to spend some extra bucks on your safety  and that of your belongings to avoid any mishaps during your travel. Having an assurance that your belongings are secure gives you a sense of confidence which makes your travel smooth, swift and hassle free.

3- Meet a lot of people but trust just a few!

The old saying that you recognize your friends and foes during travel holds as true today as it did years ago. Travel is indeed the best time to judge a person but don’t forget that even you are under watch by people around you. Never accept any eatery or drinks by people you don’t know or you don’t trust. It is always a better idea to shed some extra bucks to purchase your own food no matter how pocket friendly it might seem to share your food.

4- Never put all your cash in one place!

The golden rule of ‘never put all your eggs in one basket’ is most applicable during your travel! Spreading out your cash is like spreading out your risk. It is always a good idea to put some of your cash in different pockets of every bag that you are carrying so that losing any of your bag doesn’t mean that your left penny less. In addition to this, further secure your travel by carrying some plastic money. Call your hotels and trip planners in advance to ensure that they do accept the cards that you are carrying.

It is better to book your travel essentials earlier. For example book hotels online before you start your trip. Such proactive measures will enable you to carry/spend less cash than usual and most importantly, enjoy a safe and successful trip.

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