8 Things That Happens When Your Sister is Your Best Friend

8 Things That Happen When Your Sister is Your Best FriendSister is definitely the best friend for life and is someone who is none other than your reflection. The most important part of this relationship is that the universe gifted you this best friend without even asking for it. Here we have collected some points that happens to you when your sister is your best friend.

8 Things That Happens When Your Sister is Your Best Friend
  1. You feel proud for her: Given any situation you are always her number one fan. She always makes you feel motivated. Suppose with her first job or with her promotion to new class with good grades is a matter of boost for you.

  1. You have a slight age difference and that is always helpful. Especially if you have an elder sister, she would always help you in curbing all problems that are coming in your way. Then there will also be incidents like stealing beer from your dad’s bar cabinet.

  1. You bond with each other very well and know the intricacies of your family. You know exactly how your mom would react to a situation. And secretly you share some jokes about your family members which are well kept with each other. You bond over your family’s awkward quirks, but at the end of the day, you know they’re irreplaceable, and most of what you share is how much you love them. So, on this rakhi, do not miss your other half and get rakhi gifts for brother online.

  1. You may be poles apart but you learn from each other. See if you are good friends you may bond over shared interests or activities. But while sisters may have a same eye color like you but you can be of different personalities. May be your sisters room is top notch clean while yours is in a mess. And sometimes, your sister’s habit is so opposite from yours that it’s a baffling.

  1. The darkest secrets and the most shameful habits of yours are always known to your sisters. All your awkward habits like watching Tom & Jerry with the torn sweatshirt. She also knows that you would always cancel your outdoor plan with friends just to watch the old Bollywood film with your sister.

  1. An honest review of your dress, hairdo, make-up, or your latest write up is best criticized by her because she would never ever lie to you. Her criticize would make your work better.

  1. You can be like the worst enemies turning a small issue into a World War III but the next moment you would die for her.

  1. The things that you are hiding from her are also known to him because telepathy works the best here.

Although there are many points to consider but these were some important points that usually happens to you when your sister is your best friend.

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