Celebrating Christmas Around The World

Celebrating Christmas Around The WorldChristmas is a festival that is a main celebration in Christianity. Christmas Eve refers to the evening or preceding Christmas Day. This festival commemorates the birth of Jesus. This day is celebrated around the world and is widely observed as a holiday. As it is celebrated around the world, every country celebrates it differently. Let’s explore the different country traditions attached to this festival.


In Australia it is so much different than any other country in the world, mainly because of the weather. It arrives in summers with hot temperatures. Australians decorate their houses traditionally with Christmas trees and wreaths. The neighbors often visit each other to look at the light displays at night. Sometimes the displays are put out beginning of December and money is raised for charity with the street display. A famous Yacht race is also held.


Pakistan comprises of a very small population of Christians. 25th December is a public holiday mainly due to the country’s founder’s ,Qaid-e-Azam’s, birthday but also for Christmas. A big procession takes place and people walk for hours from church to cathedral in zeal. Gifts are provided to each other.


Only 1% of Chinese population is Christian. This is the reason why not many people celebrate it. They try to keep everything minimal and handy. The Christmas trees are usually artificial made of plastic and decorated with paper roses. A famous tradition in China is giving apples to each other. they are wrapped in colored papers.