Deserts in Pakistan For Extreme Adventure Lovers

Deserts in Pakistan for Extreme Adventure LoversAre you someone who loves to take risks and challenges? Someone who wanders around dangerous yet exciting places to keep the adrenaline rush going? If your answer is positive to all these questions, then you have landed on the perfect article.

This article has been written for all those adventure lovers who are fond of dangerous yet beautiful wonders that Pakistan is blessed with. Jovago Pakistan has compiled a list of beautiful deserts in Pakistan, where you can wander about and satiate your thirst for extreme adventure.

Among the various, enchanting deserts that Pakistan is blessed with, the following deserts have made it to our list:

Cholistan Desert

Derived from the Turkish word Chol which means desert, Cholistan is called the Land of Desert. Locally known as Rohi, it is located at an approximate distance of 30 km from the city of Bahawalpur which is renowned for its distinctly embroidered slippers and shoes. This desert is home to around 400 forts including the famous Derawar Fort. Each year a Desert Jeep Rally is held in this desert, which is considered to be the biggest motorsports event in Pakistan.

Thar Desert

This seventeenth largest desert in the world is also called the Great Indian Desert because it forms the natural border between Indo-Pak. It ranks ninth on the list of the subtropical deserts of the world. It is also home to various endangered species of Blackbuck, snakes, lizards, peacock etc.

Indus Valley Desert

Located in the Northern areas of Pakistan, this desert is surrounded by scrub forests. It lies at the intersection of River Chenab and River Indus. The desert’s climate is according to the season; being severely cold in winters and extremely hot in summers.

Thal Desert

Located in the Mianwali region where River Indus and River Jhelum meet, this desert is a well-developed desert. Water irrigation will soon be possible in this desert due to the ongoing canal building project.

If you have any other deserts of Pakistan where extreme sports can be undertaken, then do share it with us in the comments section below.