English Is Just A Language; Not A Subject



“A different language is a different vision of life.” Federico Fellini

We people are blessed to be a part of the planet earth. But is earth itself satisfied the way we take it for granted? This is a sort of question that quite few people ask themselves because they believe that they are the ones who would find their destiny. Initially with the quote explains how significant a language can impact different personalities. Our world is filled with wide variety of cultures and traditions and there is going to be no surprises that each of them define themselves by having something unique.

Different languages can lead to different types of cognition acts as every word of every language explains something different. Many of the language such as Arabic, German, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, French etc. exists but the dominant language English has define itself to be the only medium of communication in other words commonly spoken language. No matter where ever we go this language is understandable by all. Why? Because the inventor of this utterly great language has made us to speak their language, the supremacy of this language touches the highest extent that the people of different cultures are starting to forget their own native language which itself is a shame for all.

Look at the society around us especially on the eastern sides. People are judged as literate on the basis of just speaking a single language which is English. They are being hired on the bases of this so called talent. No any language defines the level of intelligence, charisma and intellectual level. It is the candidate’s competency that defines the core efficacy. Being the general medium of communication of the world the language has shown key importance as a life changing factor. Today many of the great nations are bounded to learn this language because to communicate in English is now the key. Other languages are also spoken but not to a larger extent to which this language is now. Don’t feel horrible in promoting the language you speak. Feel free to communicate with the world having your own native language. Despite the fact having difficulties in doing so as it would make one upset to help society understand what you speak. Promote your language as much as you can.

The motive of this blog was just to create the awareness that we should not be bounded to having just a single medium of communication. Look for other fresh languages to work with. This may sound odd but learning different languages can help in earning self-pleasure of any extent. Want to find out? Then start learning and live the way like few people live.


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