Let Children Decide Their Future

Let Children Decide Their FutureApparently, we are a part of a modern society; where our children are appreciated to adopt the modern habits, wearing modern apparels, dine out almost every day and behaving like burgers of high school boys and girls. But sadly, when it comes to talk about the future of our children, we become conservative.

The day a child is born, his profession is ultimately decided by his parents. For example, if a baby boy is born, he will become an engineer and a baby girl will be a doctor. On what basis these decisions are taken and the monetary rewards attaining by the ones in the same field. As the child starts to grow older, he finds out the hidden talents he has and there starts a disaster in his life.

When a person is not interested in a task he has to attempt, his productivity and creativity goes down. The reason is that his autonomy is stolen; all his life decisions are bounded and induced by his guardians. Parents are not wrong if we take a look at their point of view, they want their children to excel and succeed in their lives. They want them to roll money in billions and trillions and so they see the growing fields through which others are making money.

Children don’t usually understand their parents’ situation; which results in a quarrel among them and the vacuum is created which can never be filled. Parents think that their children hate them while children think their parents to be their rivals. This gap needs to be filled if both of them want to lead a happy life together.

Parents must not impose their decision on them while the children when deciding on their career should consult their parents about where to go and what to choose as a career. There should be a win-win situation and the harmony all around!


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