Precautions For Traveling During Monsoons In Pakistan

Precautions For Traveling During Monsoons In PakistanWith summer holidays comes the peak traveling season as well as the summer showers. For a Pakistani, nothing is as exciting as enjoying the first few drops of summer rain. Especially if you are traveling this time, rain will surely add some extra excitement to your trip. However, as a responsible citizen safety should be your primary concern.

This monsoon, Jovago brings you some road safety tips that you should be mindful of while traveling during this season of monsoons in Pakistan.

  1. Be mindful of your vehicle’s speed at all times. Remember speed thrills, but it also kills.
  1. Make sure that your headlights are working, but avoid using high beams as moisture might make it difficult to see.
  1. Make sure that your wipers are in running condition to ensure visibility at all times.
  1. In case you don’t have demisters, then you can switch the AC on hot and it will quickly clear up.
  1. Watch out for pedestrians and other obstacles that may be difficult to spot.
  1. Avoid overtaking especially during this season even if you are stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. In these situations, it is better to move a bit slow. You may indicate your intention to move ahead, but be cautious as a sudden burst of the horn or flash of lights could confuse the other driver.
  1. Consider installing fog lights at both your rear and front window.
  1. Whenever you encounter a situation when the fog or rain is too intense to continue, pull off completely from the road to a safe area. Also switch on your Hazard Lights.
  1. If a situation arises when your vehicle stops or breaks down, switch on the hazard lights and try to move away from the main road as soon as possible.
  1. Try to minimize all the distractions in your vehicle, such as the use of cell phones or attempting to change the music. If possible, have an occupant other than the driver who can answer the phone or change the music.