Quality Education But Not For All…

Quality Education But Not For All...Pakistan is a country which is considered as ‘Islamic Republic’. A country whose independence was based on brotherhood and equality. But does the equality exist in reality? If you ask me, it does not, not at all. Here in this article, I am highlighting the education sector of Pakistan, though there are other sectors having the same issue.

Pakistan comes under developing countries, where we need more highly qualified people to make valuable contributions on their part to boost the economic condition of Pakistan. But sadly, the illiteracy is at its peak in our country. In a percentage of 58% literacy, most of the populations which can write and read their name and sign are counted. In this scenario, one can imagine the situation of a country if people are this much away from education.

There are many reasons behind this illiteracy among the generations. The first and foremost reason for the parents not to educate their children is poverty. Particularly rural population gives births to sons to induct them into some jobs like mechanic, clerk, office boy or learning their father’s skill to earn money and have a shelter. However, in urban areas, there is a class system prevailing everywhere. Elite class students will be having their basic education in top notch schools of the town and high education somewhere in abroad. Their careers are already planned and they end up getting good jobs and raise higher incomes but the fact is that most of the students of this elite segment are not hardworking and interested towards their studies. But just because their resume contains valuable institution names, they are placed at higher designations.

On the contrary, poor students are more hard working, they work day and night to excel in career, but most of them end up in between because they can’t afford higher studies, and unfortunately, they keep struggling for the rest of their lives. If we talk about the basic education, 50% of the middle and lower class students can’t go to schools because of the monthly and admission fees the schools are charging. Therefore, especially people belonging to lower class just dream of going to school which will never come true.

The other reasons can’t be neglected such as particularly girls are always instructed that they will be marrying soon so that they should learn to run the household as they have to raise kids ahead in life so most of them lose their ambition to attain quality education. While the boys of today’s generation are more interested in indulging in love relationships and social networking so they don’t really know why do they exist? What is their goal? What is their ambition in life? What are they good at? Where can they excel? Sadly, these boys are the future contributors of the country who don’t really know about the goal they may have the next day.

This system can’t be improved only by imposing elementary education mandatory on all the children but the citizens also are also bound to take part in their own and the country’s prosperity otherwise, I am scared about the future of Pakistan which is in unsafe hands.

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