Do you Know how much Facebook has made you Self-obsessed, Image Conscious and Attention Seeker

FACEBOOK Making You Self-Obsessed, Image Conscious and Attention SeekerHave you ever gotten sad when you did not get much ‘likes’ on your Facebook pictures? Or after few minutes, you deleted your picture just because no one liked or commented on it? If the answer is YES, then sadly, you are among those women who are self-obsessed and image conscious.

The above statement wasn’t only an assumption, to prove this; several studies have been conducted to find out the hidden feelings while posting edited pictures on Facebook. One of the famous study published in the journal named Cyber-psychology, Behavior and Social Networking, revealed such facts that women boost their self-esteem by constantly posting or sharing their personal pictures. Describing more, the study was conducted among 311 participants who include 49.8% of females who filled out a questionnaire based on self-esteem – whether the public sources, like the social networking sites, or the private sources, like family influence a woman’s own thinking about herself. The researchers especially asked participant’s Facebook habits.

As the results were expected; revealing that “Woman whose self-worthiness is based on public sources, characterizes her as an attention seeker, dependent on others’ approval and, conscious about physical appearance“. On the contrary, a woman who considers private sources like “family love and support, good grades, and being a righteous person” signifies that she spends very less time on social networking sites especially Facebook.

So that was all about research, to support my article and yea of course women’s inner feelings while sharing pictures online or posting them on Facebook. But let’s talk about yourself so that you could know about what is the reason behind your beautifully edited display pictures, or online sharing. Are you also an attention seeker and depends on others’ approval or you just don’t really care about what the world says!
Few questions were already asked earlier, but to be more specific, how constantly you change your display pictures? How beautifully you edit them? Or how frequently you do online sharing? (One of the remarkable study revealed that women share five times more often than men do) indicating that women are more conscious about their image and appearance.

Undoubtedly, we have to agree that Facebook is the top leading social networking site which offers everyone to promote him/herself i.e. Facebook itself a very self-promotional tool which assists you to advertise your own profile. However we totally cannot disagree that women post pictures just to gain attention, there could be lot more reasons which aren’t dependent on other’s approval.
I’m sure, while reading this article you put yourself into the same dilemma and answered the above stated questions in your mind. If you agreed to all the questions, amazingly, you fall into the same category that is “I depend on others’ approval and I judge myself by my friends’ Likes and Comments”.

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Maheen Siddiqui

Maheen Siddiqui

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