Selfie Obsession; A Trend Or Destruction?

Selfie-Obsession-A-Trend-Or-DestructionA typical definition of selfie on Google is: “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smart phone or webcam and shared via social media”.

From the above definition, we have got the idea of what selfie is. But in the current period, we can easily observe the obsession that most of the people have about the selfie session. Each single youngster is busy capturing loads of selfies everyday and selecting out the best one to post it on social sites to get the best possible comments and likes on the pictures.

In my opinion, there is an inverse relationship between selfie obsession and academic studies. After the technology revolution, smart gadgets are easily approachable for the generations. There is a perfect competition among the companies to provide the best featured gadget to their customers. These customers are students in different institutions. What actually happens is that they bring their smart devices to their schools, colleges and universities and spend most of the time in capturing selfies during the class lecture, which in turn affect their studies.

To understand the lecture, they plan for combined studies and during that they get busy with gossiping and selfie sessions to post it on social sites to update about what they are up to. Once they are not able to understand the class lecture, they can’t attempt it in assignments and copy paste it from internet or colleagues. If the same thing is asked in examination, they are not able to answer it and destined to failure. Then comes up the external locus of control, students blame the education system for their failure because they can’t blame the obsession they are playing with.

The intention is not to discriminate the genders but boys are pretty more interested towards this trend of selfies. While eating, while about to sleep, while studying, while going out, while attending lecture, while shopping, wherever they find the bright light, they can’t control the gratification of capturing selfies. This obsession is leading them towards destruction as girls are hardworking and smart enough in academics, they fill up the vacant places whether they are in universities or in companies and boys have to suffer unemployment even after having the same degree of qualifications. Then they give it a name of ‘gender discrimination’. When they can’t find a good job, they get depressed and suffer mental illness and things like smoking, drugs addiction etc become their favorite hobbies.

The interesting thing about this generation is that they can come up with thousand reasons of failure but they can’t find out one reason for the success.

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