Smart Home for Elderly for Safer and Secure Living

Smart Home for Elderly for Safer and Secure LivingAre you worried about your elderly parents when you are out? Searching for a smart way to keep them secured always? If yes is your answer, then think about designing a smart home. Yes, a smart home can ensure full safety of elderly people, as it an automated house. Right from the lights, fans, water to the window blinds, everything is operated through remotes or a Smartphone. Out of all the things available, internet has made it possible to create a cohesive, safe environment for the elderly, where everything is connected to each other.

Advantages of Smart Home for Elderly

  • Security- The foremost advantage of smart homes is that they provide complete security. Smart home security systems are efficiently designed to prevent the intruders just by controlling the house with few clicks of a button. Here the best part is that elderly people can connect these security systems with their warning system of the town in order to receive prior information of any natural disaster. The fire alarm system can also be set with this system to handle any burning situation.
  • Elderly Care- Elderly people who choose to live alone will reap endless benefits of a smart home. The unique features of the smart home can enable to keep a check on their medications and call the police in case of any emergency. It can even help them in tracking calorie intake and maintain good health. It is true that these people face memory issues a lot. Thus, the smart home automation will help them with automatic lights, stove turn off functions and much more.
  • Entertainment- Of course, a house without entertainment can be impossible to live in. Therefore, smart home for elderly are built with the finest quality of sound and visual quality. These smart features allow the residents to enjoy music in any room and watch television whenever they want to. In fact, they are equipped with the internet access in order to let the elderly people all their favourite shows and movies.
  • Conserves Energy- It may seem to be a little surprising that how can a smart or super home conserve energy. However, it is true. Since the lights, water and other facilities are operated automatically, it conserves energy. When lights of a particular room are not being used, they will be switched off on their own. Smart homes will regulate it all. Thus, it not only saves the energy but also contributes in keeping environment safe.
  • Resale Value- At any point of time, when you wish to sell your smart home, you will get millions in return for it. You can simply explain the smart features of the home to the buyer and assure him/her about the safety of it. It is true that the value of smart homes is much higher than the house equipped with the traditional technology. Thus, it means that automating your home can be a great decision and is just a onetime investment. It will bring its rewards later.

Some Ideas for Building a Smart Home for Elderly

  • Have sensors for fans and lights, so they switch on when they sense activity in the room. You could even connect the devices to your Wi-Fi, which allows you to control them through your Smartphone.
  • Set up alerts for open windows when you leave home. That way, you reduce the risk of home invasion.
  • Make sure you have enough Wi-Fi connectivity. You could buy routers that can easily be installed in corners of your house when internet connectivity is a problem.
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