TDF Nature Series Chitral Gol Amazing Documentary

TDF Nature Series Chitral Gol Amazing Documentary

TDF “The Dawood Foundation” is a welfare organization which was recognized in the year 1961 by a well known personality Ahmed Dawood.  Their main intention of establishment was to give ease in Learning by contributing in the development of several schools, colleges & scholarships among the students of our country.  Apart from that, they have introduced their worthy assistance for disasters rehabilitation tasks & recovery of health issues as well.



Recently this year (2015) the organization launched a innovative idea called “TDF Nature Series” which a way to boost much more awareness among the people of Pakistan about our Country’s Natural Beauties & Preserving Pakistan’s Natural Heritage and to spread the knowledge that ecological degradation  is becoming a hazard for it.

Chitral is considered as one of the most picturesque, spectacular and delightful places of Pakistan that captivates tourists from all over the world. It is situated in the midst of the Hindu Kush Range that’s approximately 7,709m above the sea level. Chitral is blessed with an absolute heart touching natural beauty, its scenic valleys, peaks, matchless traditions, people and their hospitality, the peaceful behavior everything adds colors to its own beauty making it worth visiting place.

The park experiences more issues while the changing of weather, in summers the climate becomes dry & harsh while in winters it becomes long cold which makes difficult to our inhabitants like wild cats, wolves & Markhors to hunt for prey.  Markhors are the biggest species in the category of wild goats found in this region and the national animal of Pakistan as well. A male Markhor carries a weight of 100 kg having cork-screw like horns over a meter long. Female one is smaller than the male that climbs over the trees for hunting while males dislodge the tree leaves with their long horns and eat them.

In early of December, male Makhors looks for out each other for mating with the females while in while in winters Markhors stays at lower elevation of relying on the oak trees in the search of food but unfortunately the cutting of woods & over grazing make them to leave the park and go to valleys.

Overgrazing is a way to permit animals to graze excessively, to the detriment of vegetation. This process causes some huge problems for animals. Firstly snow leopards (Wild cats) started killing the domestic animals instead of wild goats. To solve this severe issue “Snow Leopard Foundation” helped in funding of new enclosures for farm animals. Due to which Predators kill less animals from now. Second major issue is numerous household animals are dying due to diseases & other facts. For the solution of the above stated problem, the foundation is now teaching to vaccinate animals that are prone to several diseases.

Now the protection of Chitral Gol & its National Park becomes essential now. The officials or wildlife department watch the park continuously so that nobody could cut the wood, takes away the medicinal plants or harm the wildlife like Markhors. Their local communities safeguard the parks very efficiently.

That basic purpose of the “TDF Nature Series” documentary is to create awareness among the young generation about the Beauty of Chitral Gol & how much the animals like Markhors face problems there and how local communities are safeguarding that place like their home land. All thanks to “The Dawood Foundation”.

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