The Gujrat City

The Gujrat CityA part of Punjab, the Gujrat city lies between the two famous rivers of Pakistan, river Chenab and Jhelum. The city is rich in crops like sugarcane due to its close proximity to the rivers. The city has an ancient history that dates back to 326 B.C. It was ruled by different conquerors in different eras including Alexander the Great, Mughals and the British. This district has moderate climate, being hot in summer and cold in winter.

There are more than 5 languages spoken in the city like Majhi, Potohari and Urdu. It is popular in handmade pottery and ceramic items that are prepared in low temperature. Other famous things include handicrafts, flower pots, “Changairian” made by leaves of palm and date trees, cotton mates, “Dhusse” and woolen shawls. Gujrat, situated beside the grand trunk road and main Railway track is directly connected with the major cities.

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Four Main Gates of Old Gujrat

When the city was constructed, it was bounded by four gates that are used in order to enter the city. The four main gates are Shah Daula, Dhakki, Sheeshiyan and Shah Faisal gate. These are very old and weary so it would be better to visit them soon.

Gujrat Fort

Situated in the heart of the city, the Gujrat Fort was built on orders of Mughal emperor Jalal ud din Akbar. It is a perfect depiction of Mughal art and architecture. It will surely fascinate those who admire Mughal art.

AkbariHammam (Akbar’s bath)

This bath was built to treat a special disease of Akbar’s wife. This special bath is still used by many people to get rid of many types of diseases. If you are a health conscious traveler, you might want to pay this place a visit.


Flavors and Al-Khaleej restaurants are few of the popular eateries in the Gujrat city. Some of the must try Gujrati foods include Dhokla, Handva and Thepla. The popular Pakistani dish “Kadhi” originates from Gujrat.


All the local things are widely available and very popular among tourists. Visiting Gujrat means buying lots of handicrafts and pottery for yourself and closed ones to take back home.


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Pakistan Rupees, All International Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard) are accepted by the ATM.

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The Gujrat Airport is a small airport located in the Gujrat city. Sialkot International Airport can also be used to access the city