The World We Live In

The World We Live InWe live in a planet where people are part of two entirely different worlds. The first world consists of realities and facts; probably known as practical world. The interesting fact about the people in these worlds is that they belong to both the worlds at the same time. People living in this world live their lives keeping in consideration the real circumstances, which includes moral and financial problems, health issues, physiological and psychological problems. Each single step is taken very carefully. People understand the need to belong with each other, the need to have fair relationships, the need to care, the need to stay by ones’ side when in need, even the need to have moral obligations and ethical considerations. The practical world consists of people having friends of the same mind, same field or same interest. Loyalty is another important factor in the practical world. This is it about the real world these days. As it is the era of globalization, the second world is pretty much attractive.

Social Networking World

The World We Live InThe second world is known as social world which comprises of Facebook, twitter and other well renowned social sites. As per research conducted in 2014, more than 70% of the people are internet users all over the world. This world is pretty much interesting. People living in this world are completely different as flip side of the coin. This world comprises of social networking, chatting, uploading pictures, making unnecessary false comments, posting fake statuses, even cyber bullying. Socializing to an extreme level is the highlighting factor about this world. As mentioned above, people in this world are flip side of the coin; opposite to what they actually are. They show false care if someone posts about how they feel. They upload pictures with their mates in such a pose as if they are the best friends in the world, but the next picture will be seemed the same again with another person showing the so called best friendship. In this world, people are friends till they need a favor or modesty from each other. The first moment, they are known to each other, but the very next moment, they become strangers again as if they never met or talked. People here show as they are the happiest people in the world. They upload statuses to pretend to be the chillest persons but they are not actually the way they seem or sound.

Connecting Through Social Media

The World We Live InPeople in the social world are master of cyber bullying. This is cycle which consists of some steps. At the first step, either they see you or get suggestions. At the second step, they search you and add you as a friend. The cycle may stop here if you delete their request, but the third step follows if the request is accepted.

Here the important step takes place as they start chatting, by asking questions they gain necessary information about you. Then in the next step, cell numbers are exchanged, and then the short and frank conversations turn into serious ones, results falling in love with each other. Then, they meet, capture pictures, and date each other and much more. People in this world don’t care much about the ethical and moral considerations. Then the cyber bullying begins. Stalking each other is another interesting factor about this world.

Express Feelings

The World We Live InFollowing someone in a sophisticated manner is known as stalking. Through social networking sites, people follow the person they like or want to talk to; but for some particular reasons they can’t. For people like that, stalking works out. They intensely follow the changing display pictures, statuses, shared posts and a lot more stuff and find ways to interact with that particular person.

Another highlighting factor about the social world is that they pretend to be humans if something happens against humanity. If there happens something vulnerable in the real world, people in this world starts to console the victims. The way they console humanity is through uploading black display pictures and sad statuses but don’t do any particular physical contribution which would actually be helpful for the victims.

There is a lot more to talk about this social world as it is constantly trending. But with the increasing trend of socialization, I doubt that the practical world will be taken over or acquired, where actually the humanity exists and where there is real happiness, feelings and emotions exists.

Note: this article is written for expressing personal thoughts, no offences for any particular audiences. Thank you!


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