8 Weird Things Girls Do But They’ll Never Admit

8 Weird Things Girls Do But They’ll Never AdmitGirls are incredibly gross creatures! Needless to say, girls do lots of idiotic crazy things that if they disclose such habits to their boys, they’ll definitely lose their ribs due to laughter.

Let’s enjoy reading some weird, fully insane things girls do but will never ever admit:

1. Crying in front of the Mirror Just to see how pretty you look

Yeah, no doubt girls cry a lot – like a lot! Labeling them ‘Sensitive’ wouldn’t be any wrong. They tend to hide tears and pretend as nothing happened. Anger turns into tears within no time, yeah this is actually one of the hated problems girls encounter.

But crying alone in a room, sobbing into your pillows and then suddenly getting up and looking into the mirror just to check how pink is your nose right now. Umm too much laziness, maybe… a Front Camera? Yes, IMO this is one of the cutest things girls do when they’re all alone.

2. Dropping food down your shirt and still eat it

There’s no such thing as ‘manners’ when nobody’s watching you. Eating a burger, a roll (filled with mayo) or using chopsticks, girls can turn out to be a sooper dooper ill-mannered creature when guys take their eyes off them. You just can’t waste a single bite when it comes to all junk food items.

3. Don’t even bother to close the door when using Bathroom

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing inside but if nobody’s at home, you will never take a minute out to lock your bathroom’s door. If you have pets especially cats; they love watching you for no reason. And yes, singing in the bathroom, making weird voices and staring bathroom walls are yet some other weird things girls do.

4. Self-Talking, having fake and imaginary conversations with people you love/hate

Girls, admit it or not we can’t go a day without doing fake imaginary and loud self-conversations. There could be several reasons behind it: maybe we’re frustrated or when someone blurts out something which freakin’ annoys us. Maybe they’ve hurt us so bad that we don’t feel like talking to them and we go on answering and argumenting ourselves like a boss however miserably failed in actual. If it comes to love, girls are expert at imagining exquisite scenes, moments, dialogues with their dear ones.  Yes, this is one among the cutest things girls do, am sure boys will give up within an hour but girls won’t stop until someone enters in their room.

5. Sticking loose hair on shower walls and swirling them

Yes this is one of the stupidest things girls do while bathing. Whenever your hair falls out or gets stuck on your hand or your stomach, instead of letting it swirled around your legs, we immediately stick it on the bathroom wall and enjoy spinning it. Isn’t it?

6. Burping and Farting too loud when nobody’s around

Girls would act way too sweetly, cutely and quietly if it comes to sneezing, burping or farting while sitting in social gatherings. But boys have no idea about how audible girls can get into these when they’re home alone. It is because girls can’t go an hour without munching when they have nothing else to do.  This implies haste eating without taking a break, absolutely results into burping and farting. No doubt, it’s the best feeling ever!

7. Taking 1000s of selfies and just keeping one or two out of them

And when I say 1000s of selfies boys have no idea about the struggle behind capturing a perfect selfie. And a crazy jubilant feeling we get when saving a flawless picture to our phone’s gallery. Though we might not have any boyfriend to send these but we do love keeping beautiful pictures, some crazy idiotic snapshots, and going through every photo again when getting bored.

Uploading them on Facebook and Insta with a short caption “Randomly taken” and deleting them from Facebook if nobody comments within 10 minutes are yet among the stupidest things girls do and proudly do.

8. Keep talking to your friend on phone while you’re in the toilet

Yes, this is also one of the craziest things girls do because their never ending conversations about nothing will never end until they feel real weary. You can never silence a girl when she’s on call with her best friend. Gossips, recalling memories, stupid jokes, talking about boys, discussing rumors and future planning and what not! But hey girls, excessive sharing can actually be a bad thing!

Can you relate any of your activities to what I shared? C’mon don’t be shy let’s just admit GIRLS ARE CRAZY AND THEY ARE MEANT TO BE!

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