10 Tips To Boost Your Android Battery Life

10 Tips To Boost Your Android Battery LifeAndroid smartphone devices have seen amazing growth in technology over the past couple of years. However these increased features and improved technology unfortunately comes at the cost of battery life. Battery life has been a issue with several Android smartphone devices. So today, we will look at 10 tips to boost your Android phone’s battery life.

1) Battery Saver Applications:

10 Tips To Boost Your Android Battery Life - Battery Saver ApplicationsFirstly there are several applications on the Play store which will allow you to optimize your phone’s battery life and improve it. These apps are tremendously helpful and many of them really do work. The best battery saver apps on the play store in my opinion, are DU Battery Saver, Greenify and Battery Doctor, these apps will close all the background applications that you are not using and greatly enhance your battery life by several hours. This is one of the most easiest ways to boost your android battery life.

2) Power Saver Mode:

10 Tips To Boost Your Android Battery Life - Power Saver ModeMany Android smartphone devices come with an internal power saver mode. This Power Saver mode ensures that your phone screen locks itself quickly once you are not using your device, it also auto adjusts brightness, and specially at low battery optimizes the phone in such a way, that the battery lasts longer.

3) Battery Settings:

10 Tips To Boost Your Android Battery Life - Battery SettingsIn the settings of your smartphone you have battery settings, which will allow you to see how much percentage of the battery the applications are using, the applications which are using a lot could be stopped. Screen obviously consumes the most battery, this can be reduced by using Auto brightness and slightly lower brightness which will reduce the percentage of battery life consumed by the screen. This is also a neat trick to boost your android battery life.

4) Dark Wallpapers:

10 Tips To Boost Your Android Battery Life - Dark WallpapersThis is something that many people probably did not know. But a black or a dark colored wallpaper can actually save battery life if you have an AMOLED Screen like Samsung. By choosing a black colored or dark colored wallpaper for your home and lock screens, your battery life will actually improve.

5) Turning of Vibrations and application Notifications:

10 Tips To Boost Your Android Battery Life - Turning of Vibrations and application NotificationsSwitch off vibration for your device, unless you really need it and turn off vibration alerts for incoming calls. It actually takes more power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring it. Additionally also turn off notifications for several of your applications and games, if you don’t your notification bar will be full of different notifications, draining the life of your smartphone’s battery.

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Ali Shah

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