20 Interesting Facts About Twitter

20 Interesting Facts About TwitterTwitter is one of the top 3 social network sites in the world that is used to exchange short messages with friends and other members. It has grown exponentially in terms of membership, usage and popularity. Twitter has become the fastest way to break news, we usually see more television programs that display their Twitter handles and relative hashtags. If some one wants to share his opinion then he/she will definitely prefer Twitter for it. It has almost 1 Billion users and almost 100 Million daily active users.

Since 1 Billion users are registered on Twitter so definitely you will have a Twitter account. But there’s probably a lot of things about it that you don’t know. So here are 20 facts that will blow your mind.

1-Twitter was originally named as "Twttr".
2-Approximately 300 Tweets are sent on daily basis.
3-Tweets with image links have engagement rate 5 time better.
4-Youtube is the most followed brand with over 40 million users.
5-Twitter made "Zero Dollar" revenue in the first three years.
6-Katy Perry is the most followed celebrity with over 51 million followers.
7-www.TwiTTTer.com will take you to the website of Twitter.
8-Twitter is now worth more than $25 Billion.
9-It is available in more than 25 languages.
10-29% users are 15-34 years old.

11-The average user tweets 307 times.
12- The hashtag feature was proposed by a user.  It appeared on August 2007 for the first time.
13- 80% of world leaders use Twitter.
14- The first tweet was sent in 2006 by co-founder Jack Dorsey & said ‘just setting up my twttr’.
15- Dutch porn star Bobbi Eden promised to pleasure all her 100,000+ followers if Holland won the 2010 FIFA world Cup. Unfortunately for her fans, they lost in the final.
16- When Michael Jackson died, 456 tweets per second(TPS) are sent.
17- 10 people are employed by McDonald to run their Twitter account.
18- 60% users are female.
19- 40% users don’t tweet. They read news, click links and follow accounts.
20- Twitter is used by 32% of all internet users.

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