4 Best Mobile Gadgets For Better Photography During Travel

4 Best Mobile Gadgets For Better Photography During TravelWhy take the pains of finding a professional photographer to capture beautiful traveling memories, when you have an all time handy smartphone to capture all your amazing traveling moments while enjoying the beautiful destinations?

Needless to say, in today’s time selfies are the most common and trending form of photography. Unlike the common misconception, even a selfie can be captured in high quality resolution, which  is worth sharing on all types of social media.

Refer to the list of following selfie tools and photography mobile gadgets compiled by Jovago.com, to capture beautiful destinations and landscapes while traveling.


Among all mobile gadgets, it is the world’s first attachment which is capable of capturing real 3D photographs on any smartphone or tablet. It can also be used for 3D printing. If you are planning to travel to the picturesque valleys of this country this summer, don’t forget to bag this gadget while packing for your expedition.


These are some of the best lenses for smartphone photography. They are available in two types, called Moment Wide and Moment Tele. Moment Wide makes a perfect choice for wide landscape pictures while Moment Tele makes a perfect tool for zooming options on your smartphone.


It is meant for all those who love to take selfies but can’t handle the hassle of handling a selfie stick. Shutter acts like a remote control device which works perfectly well on iPhones, iPads and all Android devices without the need of any extra app.

It just needs to be connected to your Bluetooth in order to make it ready to click perfect selfies.


As the name suggests, CliqueFie offers a complete package for all Selfie Lovers. It offers a light weighted portable selfie stick for your smartphones. It has a double pull tab that makes attaching and detaching your cell phones very convenient and safe.

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