5 Amazing Facts About Facebook

5 Amazing Facts About Facebook (1)Facebook was launched on February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg along with his Harvard University roommates. Since then it has became the largest social networking site on the planet. On average 968 million users uses it daily and it has 1.49 billion monthly active users. Now there is barely a person who hasn’t heard about it. It has dominate online social networking markets in which every user feels free to share his photos, status and videos with friends. When it comes to share a status/photo then the only thing come in our mind is “Facebook”.

As everyone is familiar with it but do we actually know the whole about it? Do we know why Facebook is blue in color? How many friends an active users have? and what will happened if we add/4 at the end of Facebook website and can we block Mark Zukerberg? etc. There are many interesting facts that every one should know about it. So here are some of the interesting facts as described above.

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1) Why Blue In Color?

5 Amazing Facts About Facebook (3)Have you ever thought that why it is blue in color? It is not about that they choose blue as primary color but there is a big reason behind it. The reasons is that Mark Zuckerberg is reg-green color blind that’s why he choose blue color so that he can work easily with it. Blue is the color in which he can see the best of it and this color has dominated in website and mobile apps.

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