5 New Features Of Windows 10

zMicrosoft is an American multinational corporation that manufactures and sells computer software and personal computers. It was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in April 4, 1975.


In August 24, 1995 Microsoft released “Windows 95” which included Start Menu, taskbar, minimize, maximize and close button on each window for the first time in the history of operating systems. After three years i.e. on May 15, 1998 Microsoft released Windows 98 which was the second major release in the Windows 9x lines. In October 25, 2001 Microsoft released “Windows XP” which was faster and stable than previous windows. Then in 2006 Microsoft released “Windows Vista”.

In 2009 when wireless hotspots and private network in homes were very common then Microsoft released Windows 7 which provide an easy way to work with it. In 2012, Microsoft launched its Windows 8 which provide a totally new user experience for both touch and mouse and keyboard. After one year Microsoft launched its updated version of Windows 8 i.e “Windows 8.1”.

Windows 10:

On average, every after three years Microsoft launches its new product. Now Microsoft is launching its new product i.e. Windows 10 which will be available for consumer in the mid or in the end of 2015. The main purpose of Windows 10 is to unify Microsoft PC and Windows Phone etc. in one platform. There are some new features that Microsoft has added in its new product which will provide a new user experience for the users.
Some of the features of Windows 10 are described below.

  1. Start Menu:

aMany users were not happy on the absence of Start Menu in windows 8 and 8.1. Now the start menu is back in windows 10 although it is not same as Windows 7 because on the right hand side of Start Menu there is still an option for tiled interface of Windows 8 and it can be resize and expand into a full screen display.

  1. Virtual Desktop:

cA new Task View system is added in windows 10. Task View option which is commonly known as Alt + Tab used to switch between all open windows. Previously when user switches in any other open window by pressing Alt + Tab, the window open in a full screen mode. But now in windows 10, by pressing Alt + Tab button it will show a bigger snapshot of open window and it can open in a desktop mode which allow user to work on a multiple windows at a time.

  1. Spartan Browser:

wWindows 10 also includes a New Internet Browser i.e “Spartan” which will replace Internet Explorer. Spartan is a powerful and faster browser than Internet Explorer which allow user a new user interface.

Spartan browser include a new feature of Reading mode which allow user to save any webpage in only a one click. After saving page, users can visit and read page later on even they are offline.

  1. Cortana:

tCortana, Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant will be a part of Windows 10. A User can interact with Cortana by just typing her name in search box located on a desktop or taskbar. It will deliver helpful information to user of which they are searching for and it will also provide helpful suggestion about a particular app. It can also translate documents into 25 different languages.

  1. Gaming:

yWindows 10 will provide addition with Xbox Ecosystem. The Xbox app will come as a preinstalled in windows 10. It allow user to play games (Pc or Xbox one games) on Windows 10 Pc or tablet over a home network. A user can save game’s record and game footage without using any software and they can also share them into Xbox live, One drive etc. For this purpose Microsoft has preinstalled DirectX 12 for smooth gaming on Windows 10.

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