5 Things You Need To Know About Apple’s Special Event

5 Things You Need To Know About Apple's Special EventDid you miss the Apple’s special event? Don’t get worry; we have summarized Apple’s special event for you on one spot.

1-Apple Cares For The People

5 Things You Need To Know About Apple's Special Event - Apple cares for the peopleOn Apple’s special event, Apple announced a new research tool for the user to understand the data from various health conditions. It’s look like a to-do list, except for treatment and medicine. Patients can send their healthiness updates to their doctors who can update their medicines and treatments in the app.

This app will allow thousands of people to participate in studies and making it easier for health researchers to collect data. Care kit is an open source like research kit and it will be available soon in April.

2-Apple Loves The Environment

5 Things You Need To Know About Apple's Special Event - Apple loves the environmentApple is carbon neutral in 23 countries. Apple exposed it’s “Liam” project; a robot which recycles old iPhones into reuse material. . It detects what materials can be reuse like gold, silver and tungsten. We might see a Liam robot doing its job inside an apple store.

3-Smart Watches Get More Colorful And Cheaper

5 Things You Need To Know About Apple's Special Event - Smart watches get more colorful and cheaperApple want people to try out the apple watch that’s why Apple have cut down its price from $349 to $299 and also added woven nylon bands with some color choices, sport and leather bands.

4-The 4inch Most Powerful iPhone Ever

5 Things You Need To Know About Apple's Special Event -The 4inch most powerful iPhone everApple is now considering that people want smaller phones. The iPhone Se starts at $399 which is the cheapest IPhone ever in the history. You can also purchase this device via monthly at $17 or with a two year contract.

  • Retina display
  • 4‑inch (diagonal) LED‑backlit widescreen Multi‑Touch display
  • A9 chip with 64‑bit architecture
  • M9 motion co-processor
  • 16 Gb ROM
  • 12 megapixels camera will feature slow-motions, panorama, live photos, 4k video capture and time lapse
  • TouchID and Apple pay built in
  • Selfie camera with a true tone flash
  • LTe speeds 50 percent faster than the iPhone 5s

The company will start preorder from 24 Match 2016 and will be available in hands on 31 Match, 2016.

5- New 9.7 Inch Smaller iPad Pro

5 Things You Need To Know About Apple's Special Event - new 9.7 inch smaller ipad proThis version includes the powerful feature same as the 12.9 inch larger pro odel. The smaller iPad pro have 12 megapixel camera that works with the Apple pencil stylus and also include a small keyboard. It also includes USb camera adapter, lightning SD card reader

It will be available on sale in four different colors including rose gold

$899 at 256Gb

$749 at 128Gb

$599 for 32Gb

New cool features in iOS 9.3

The latest version has announced already and is available now. It has following features,

Night shift – Adjusts the screen for late night reading and help you get better sleep.

News and notes – Allow you too hide notes behind touch ID. A bit more secure now.

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