5 Things That You Don’t Know About Google Search Engine

A (2)Google Search which is commonly known as “Google” owned by Google Inc. It is one of the five most popular website in the world. It is the most powerful search engine on the World Wide Web as it handles more than three billion searches each day. Google let us find required information on the web based on the given keywords.

We are living in the age of information where all the information lie on our finger tips. If we don’t know about something then we just have to Google it. It is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web, almost every single internet user uses Google search engine frequently.

On average every internet user access to Google Search at least once a day and yet most of us do not know a whole about this website. Although we use Google Search frequently but still there are some things that we do not know about Google. There are some questions like how many people actually use it? How fast this website is as compared to other? What people reacts when the website goes down? What is meant by “I’m Feeling Lucky”? And can we access to Google through other domains? The answer of these question should be known by all the internet users who use Google very frequently. But many of the internet users don’t have much information about this website, so for them the answer of these questions will be discuss in this blog.

When Google Goes Down?

When Google Goes DownGoogle rarely goes down but when it does, it results in a 40% drop in a global web traffic. In August, 2013 Google went down for 5 minutes and it created a 40% drop down on internet traffic around the world. Now a days internet users are relying on Google and approximately half of the internet users around the world stop using Computers, Laptops etc as Google went down.

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