5 Things That You Don’t Know About Google Search Engine

What Is Meant By I’m Feeling Lucky?

What Is Meant By I’m Feeling LuckyI’m feeling lucky is a button that is on a home page of Google. When a user type a keyword on a search bar and click on this button then it takes directly towards the main result without giving a pages of results. It cost Google approximately $110 million a year because 1% of all searchers uses this feature and bypass all advertising.

So for this purpose, Google Instant has been introduced by google. Now this function is behaving differently. When a user clicks on “I’m feeling lucky” button without typing any keyword then it takes directly to the Google Doodles Gallery. But when a user type a keyword then “I’m feeling lucky” button will spin and land on a phrase that is associated with a related keyword. For example if a user type “I’m feeling” then Google instant start suggesting further words like ( I’m feeling hungry, I’m feeling excited etc).

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