6 Differences Between Android Marshmallow And iOS9

Differences Between Android Marshmallow And iOS9The everlasting battle between Google and Apple sees a major battle to win. We know that what are the main features of Android Marshmallow and we also know the details about the new iOS9 system which were revealed in September 2015. But let’s identify which operating system is better than the other by comparing their features and functions. So here are 5 key differences between android marshmallow and iOS9.

6- Android Marshmallow And iOS9 – 3D Touch

Android Marshmallow And iOS9 - 3D Touch6s new Apple iPhone features the latest technology accessible through the screen. This technology is able to distinguish between the two types of touch depending on the intensity i.e it is a pressure -sensitive screen. The software that controls this new interaction, is implemented directly in the operating system, so with every system upgrade Apple products will instantly bring improvements in Force Touch that are spread throughout the system and also developers can use these touches into their applications.

In the case of Android, this technology is not implemented in the operating system kernel as it is initiative hardware manufacturers like Huawei. So the manufacturers who developed the hardware and software to control the Force Touch and Android application developers do not have access to these new control options to develop their apps.

This represents an advantage for Apple since they produce both hardware and software. Google develops the operating system and the hardware manufacturers develop and adapt the operating system. Only in the event that one of the new Nexus (Nexus 5 Nexus 2015 or June 2015) has a screen of this type, you could shorten this as an advantage.

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