6 Reasons Why Microsoft Lumia Is Better Than IPhone

6 Reasons Why Nokia Lumia Is Better Than IPhone 2

Why people prefer IPhone over Microsoft phones? First thing which will definitely hit our mind that is; Microsoft did not progress and aren’t updated. In this advanced era, mostly people especially students are such in a hurry that they want everything to be on their palms. May be this is the most important reasons why people prefer IPhone over Microsoft and Androids but there could be a lot of more reasons such as people go for Brands. No doubt, IPhone has a perfect Brand Image in the whole world. IPhone being an expensive phone can only be the demand of rich people, because it reflects their social image among their friends’ circle, family, peer groups etc.

That was all about IPhone, but what are some factors that Microsoft Lumia has, but not IPhone? Majority of people are not aware of them, so here I’ve highlighted some advantageous features of Microsoft Lumia.


6 Reasons Why Microsoft Lumia Is Better Than IPhoneDespite the fact that, Microsoft is having hard time coping up the advanced applications provided by IPhone, but really if you notice some applications look gorgeous on Lumia such as Spotify, Foursquare and Facebook. As applications are very important to majority of consumers, therefore Microsoft is now paying $100,000 to Apps developers so that they can convince people by adding more creative applications.

2-“People” Application:

IPhone does not provide this level of convenience to its buyers like Microsoft is providing. Windows 8 Phones have an application named “People” through which people can easily observe happenings, simultaneously connecting them with dear ones. It’s a handy app which shows updates shared by your friends on social networking websites, therefore people don’t need to open applications every time.

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