6 Reasons Why Microsoft Lumia Is Better Than IPhone

3-Multitasking – A Better Solution:

Androids have advantage of multitasking over Microsoft phones but if we consider iPhone, it consumers precious time because iPhone requires mental load. You need to tap home button twice, which will let swiping rows and rows of icon creating difficulty for people to find an App promptly. Whereas, Microsoft Lumia requires pressing a back arrow button which will slideshow your opened apps, so you just need to press once and reach quickly.


6 Reasons Why Nokia Lumia Is Better Than IPhoneNo doubt, iPhone has very sharp displays, their angles and text look fantastic but Microsoft Lumia has some more unique features. Considering Microsoft Lumia 1520, Microsoft has incorporated Assertive Display Technology which let pixel adjust according to the environment. Microsoft Lumia has important features like Sunlight readability mode, Clear Black dual-layer polarizers and sensitive touch which are really attention-grabber when you find all in 6-inches screen.


Microsoft Lumia phones have quite eye-catching colors, their widgets, camera quality says it all. Contrary to it, iPhone doesn’t allow widgets which bother many consumers. For an ease of consumers, Microsoft bought a smart solution, on screen there are lot of widgets a user can set, giving them comfort of not opening applications every time for news or weather update.

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