The Future Of Robotics And AI

What-is-the-Future-of-Robotics-and-AI-768x397In robotics, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is probably the most exciting field today. It’s the most controversial too, certainly. Yes, we all think that a robot can work on an assembly line, but there is no harmony that a robot can ever be intelligent. Though the functionality and universality of Internet and computers have outranked the myths about technology advancements and usefulness in everyday life. It’s true that AI is changing our lives since decades, but the presence of AI everywhere today was not felt ever like this.

Nearly, every scientist has the different opinion about the future of Robotics and AI and about the change which will happen due to the combo of these two. And by combining the thoughts of different scientists and their opinions, I have listed these below points to give some information about the future of Robotics and AI.

Are Robots Really Killing Us?

We have seen James Cameron’s imagination in the Terminator stamping on a projection of human skulls. And this conception was never far from any geek’s thoughts. However, the concept is shown of this cinematic, playful, and poetic cultural artifact actually portrays the real threat humanity faces today. Not the notion of the killer robots removing the powers of their human masters, but the orders following culture of the intelligent robots.

But the immediate threat is of autonomous weapons as the experts think. The threat is the military machines which are capable of killing without taking any permission from the human. We already got such type of machines in the form of unmanned planes, missile defense systems, and sentry robots which function with a small human input.

As an open letter published by the Future of Life Institute family recently, which was signed by famous tech personalities and hundreds of AI researchers, gives warning that, “If a military power pushes ahead with an aggressive AI weapon development, then a global arms race will be virtually inevitable. The endpoint of this technological trajectory is obvious and it is that the autonomous weapons will become the Kalashnikovs of tomorrow.”

Surely the machines that become smart enough to carefully think about their own existence can become the problem after decades down the line, probably. The future AI robots may be being programmed to kill without understanding the barest concept of mercy.

Are We Up To The Robot Sentience?

With the use of AI in robotics, we have successfully made machines to clean our floors, park our cars in malls or offices, military installations in clouds, set alarms on phones, the self-observation and awareness like things are providing a little tougher.

The self-awareness which creates an explosion in the self-improving machine intelligence, the moment which the humans were looked forward to for decades and called “Singularity”. With the exponential growth of computing power and advancing software complexity will trigger this presumed moment.

In 2005, the prediction of futurist Ray Kurzweil in a book that a model of human intelligence would be achieved by 2020s. Today, the complexity of our own minds, which is the key that gives rise to consciousness, is a lot more complicated than we imagined.

As the professor of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial College, London, Murray Shanahan told that ” The Media frequently makes an impression that a human-level AI, which we see in the sci-fi movies is just around the corner. But the reality is, it’s almost certainly decades away to become the truth.”

Robots Will Not Be Like Us; They Will Be Better Than Us

Movies like the Terminator, I Robot, Chappie, Ex Machina, and Short Circuit, are traditionally human-centric by the way they have portrayed AI robotics on screen. They lead to think us about a robot, which looks and acts a lot like a human. Today, Ai has been spread in every aspect of our life, so when we think about the bounds and types of valuable intelligence, we should broaden our horizons. As we have a plenty of human-grade intelligence with us already.

From the iRobot Roomba to self-driving car of Google, networks like Siri that oversee data centers, AI is present in the aspects that we could not have imagined a few years ago. Essentially mindless robotic machines which are task-centric and widely diverted intelligence systems, change every aspect of our life. From the public transport to ski patrolling, the future of AI robotics is more fascinating, more surprising, and weirder than we have seen in the cyborg pictures. The future of AI and Robotics is better than we have imagined.

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