How To Become Popular On YouTube

How to Become Popular on YouTube

Do you know that getting a substantial part of the world to see your videos on YouTube isn’t an easy task? To get broadcasted to millions of people, here are some simple tips to popularize your channel on YouTube;

Be Yourself

You just have to be yourself to get more views and create an enormous amount of followers on YouTube. It’s normal for you to admire and strive to be like the famous YouTubers. However, one thing you should realize is that those people aren’t trying to be someone else but themselves. Boredom would eventually set in with being someone else and your current YouTube viewers aren’t subscribing to “who you want to be” but “who you are.” Thus, to become famous on YouTube, you just have to be natural and showcase your unique personality.

Treat your Content as a Key Factor

Content is king, but unfortunately, most people assume that the creation of original content is difficult. Being unique with your content just means delivering creative video contents. Such contents must be interesting enough to establish your opinions, reflect your skills and prove your expertise. As a YouTuber, you shouldn’t make the mistake of creating videos based on what others do. It’s when you create something innovative that the virility increases and not just what every other person has done. You can also implement content collaborations with other YouTubers for the sake of exchanging ideas and meeting new people.

Be Mindful of the Trends

It’s smart to leverage on the trending social media issues while trying to be original. Just take a look at most searched contents and then put your ingenuity into it. You can do this by checking the trending hashtags on Twitter or searching for topics on YouTube forums with similar interests on Google. It’s also important that you upload such YouTube videos with the trending topic included in the title, and with concise description and keywords to improve the chances of other You Tube subscribers finding it.

Consistency matters!

As an aspiring YouTube creator, you shouldn’t forget the time investment that is needed in creating a quality YouTube video. The fact that you see some 3-minute videos made by prominent YouTubers doesn’t mean it was done with ease as a lot of considerations have been made. For your channel to become famous, it’s not going to happen by investing only a few minutes daily or an hour weekly. Create a flexible uploading schedule for yourself and be consistent with it.

Be Active with your Audience

Actively engaging with your audience is paramount as there’s nothing more thrilling than getting your first positive YouTube comment. But you shouldn’t just stop at that as you should keep them salivating for more videos from you. Reply to the positive feedback and work on the negative ones as it makes your subscribers feel more connected to your channel and increases the chances that they would watch your other videos.

With the tips above, your YouTube channel is guaranteed to become famous! You can find more detailed guide on

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