Starship Robot Can Be Your Best Grocery Shopping Partner

Starship Robot Which Can Be Your Best Grocery Shopping Partner“What a time to be alive”. Just a few decades ago when these things were impossible like bio metrics, Rob Ford and Robotic limbs but now they have become a reality.

A Robot company named Starship technologies have decided to launch a new Robot which has designed by the co-founders of Skype Janus Frils and Ahti Heinla. Their vision rotates between three zeros i.e zero waiting time, zero cost and zero environmental impact.

Today, it’s a big challenge for the delivery truck drivers that they have to deal with the traffic and as well as parking problems and they are also expensive too. At least 28 percent of the transportation cost is incurred during the last mile. This Starship Robot will allow the users to lower down the local delivery cost by 10-15 times per delivery and will provide a safer and a cheaper solution by controlling the robots through their tablets and mobile phones.

This small 6 wheeled Starship Robot travels with the pedestrian traffic at a brisk walking pace(i.e. slow speed of 4 miles/hour). Moreover, these battery-powered robots require less energy than many light bulbs and are capable to deliver almost two grocery bags per delivery. In addition, these robots are also having some abilities like they can change speed, identify obstacles, stop to cross the streets and can even talk to humans. If you are afraid of robberies then you should know that these robots are equipped with GPS trackers and lock to avoid thefts.

The company plans to launch this robot service this year in the UK, U.S. and other countries and will offer commercially by 2017.

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