Taste Your Food From Smart Phone Screen

 Taste Your Food From Smart Phone Screen

Now the technology has its peak, Maxis is going to replace your screen protector from Maxis screen savour, most of the people take pictures of their food before eating them and post it on Instagram and Facebook but what if they are able to taste their food from smart phones? Yes it is, it will become real if you replace your ordinary screen protector from maxis screen protector.

How to use it?

This work like a screen protector and it support the variety of smartphones and tablets. Once you install, you can get the taste of the picture by licking on your screen. If you are hanging out with your friends and get confuse to decide the menu then just take the pictures of the dishes and start licking your smart phone screen you get the taste of the particular dish. Now you can taste all the dishes that look too much tasty.


How it works?

The maxis screen savour is a new technology that allows the screen protector to take on the taste properties of the particular image on the screen display. This is done by using the series of pigment containing cells called chromatophores (common taste cells from animals) which are widely found in the animals and in this case it is taken from a particular octopus.


The chromatophores change its colour according to the picture on the display and that will interact with Nano chip (created from the cells of an electric eel) this cells allow chip to produce bio-electrical pulses which make the chromatophores release oil that replicate whatever image do you want. Now let’s hope you all are sensible take positive pictures and health meals.

Note: This information is not real yeah I got you. This technology was launched in April to make people April fool, this information was counted in top 5 Malaysian April fool videos but what if it become real? What, if we actually have this type of screen protector in our smartphone screen? May be somebody is actually working on it and after some years this technology will really exist. I am waiting for that, because I will be the first person to buy that screen protector.

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Nabeel Ahmed

Nabeel Ahmed

Director Entertainment at ProLinked Magazine