10 Interesting Facts About Samsung

10 Interesting Facts About Samsung

Samsung has built a reputation of a massive empire of mobile and electronics. The company originated in 1938, and since then the company has evolved in numerous ways and brought so many different creative ideas and innovations which has shocked the world. Therefore, today we are looking at the top ten interesting facts about Samsung.

1) Samsung’s Name

One of the most interesting facts about Samsung is Samsung’s name itself. It is derived from Korean words Sam (Three) and Sung (Stars). Samsung’s name stands for three stars which culturally represent something big and powerful.

2) Samsung started off as a small trading company

Samsung during the time of its creation was nothing more than a trading company of forty employees that dealt in locally grown produce and in the creation of noodles. Since then, Samsung has certainly found its way into a lot more than just noodle-making. Samsung’s founder, when he created this company, really believed that his company was the start of something big.

3) Samsung’s Companies and Employees around the world

Samsung is made up of over 80 companies and has over 310,000 employees around the whole world. These companies vary from construction companies, financial services companies, ship building companies, electronic based companies and more. Samsung is more than just an electronics and mobile producer.

4) Samsung’s early innovations

Samsung’s electronic market ambitions began in 1970 with a black and white television, which received a great reception from critics and audiences. Samsung’s ambitions with mobile phones began in 1996 by introducing a car phone, which was however somewhat poorly received.

5) Samsung Logo

Before 1970, Samsung’s logo changed couple of times. Since the founding of Samsung electronics, the Samsung logo has only changed three times, and the current logo was settled in 1993.

6) The Philosophy Shift in Samsung

In 1993 that Samsung Chairman Lee Kun Hee call for a new management philosophy which encouraged product quality as one of Samsung’s core strengths. To follow up on this, Samsung’s HR Development Center created new training and development courses for professional growth. However it wasn’t until 1995 that this philosophy truly came into play. After frustration with product quality, the chairman ordered for more than $50 million worth of hardware including cell phones, TV sets and fax machines, to be destroyed, and a new Samsung was finally born. Following this, the era of new management would truly begin and was marked by quick growth and global success.

7) First CDMA Phone 

The Samsung SCH-100 was released back in 1996, making it the very first phone to utilize CDMA technology. Back in the day, CDMA was fairly a new technology and this was before the era of 4G internet connections, therefore CDMA was well received.

8) First watch Phone 

Samsung introduced and pioneered the first watch phone in the year 1999 named Samsung SPH-WP10. This watch phone not only allowed you to see time but also allowed to make calls for up to 90 minutes before battery depletion. The screen has physical buttons and also followed voice commands.

9) Samsung’s early success in Smartphones before Android and iOS

Samsung was one of the first players to truly get aggressive about the cell phone market and introduced the first “PDA phone” with a color display in the year 2001 in US. It was called the SPH-i300, which was designed for Sprint’s network and ran on Palm OS and had all the functions of a normal PDA, with the added bonus of making calls. This phone which was ahead of its time can be considered Samsung’s first attempt im making a smartphone.

10) Samsung’s investment on marketing

In 2013, Samsung spent around $4 billion in advertising, and the costs have likely gotten higher since. Additionally another $5 billion more dollars were spent on general marketing.

So these were some of the interesting facts about Samsung. We may have missed something and if you know some more interesting facts about Samsung then feel free to share with us in a comment box below.

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