These Jobs Could Be Stolen By The Robots Soon

THESE JOBS COULD BE STEAL BY THE ROBOTS SOONBeware!! Due to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) it is expected that skilled jobs will start disappearing from the market soon.

Smarter robots would be putting many skilled professions at risk as compare to today’s robots which mainly replaced intensive task, manual labor and performing routine. Today, 10 % of the manufacturing tasks are performed by the robots and it may rise to 45% by 2025. And number of devices which are connected to the internet will be twice to 50 billion by 2020.

As robots are becoming easy to use and cheaper having multiple features like machine learning, and facial and voice recognition which make them even more attractive to employees. Over the past decade costs have declined to 27% and in the next decade prices are expected to drop by another 22%. Hence robots are becoming more sustainable alternatives regarding jobs where people deal with customers. By the year 2020, almost 50% of all the U.S jobs will be at high risk of being lost to computers.

Many manual labors were moved into more sophisticated jobs and were filled up with skill during the industrial revolution but this time the situation could be different.

0-20% Risk Of Being Replaced:

THESE JOBS COULD BE STEAL BY THE ROBOTS SOON 2Profession with the least risk includes psychologist, physician social workers, teachers, mental healthcare workers, artist, detectives and police. Because they require intuition, empathy and lots of social interaction.

More Than 90% Of Being Replaced:

THESE JOBS COULD BE STEAL BY THE ROBOTS SOON 3Following are the examples of jobs that are most at risk: administrative staff, telemarketers, tour guides, insurance sales agents, tax collector, accountants, pharmacy technicians, retail salesperson, butchers, bakers, fishermen, taxi driver and clerks.

Now the question rises in our mind that are we having a jobless future?

From the creation of steam engines to the internet, technology has helped drive human progress but now we are tipping point which may trigger mass unemployment and economic collapse. The country which is leading the way is Japan where 10000 employees are already replacing by 1520 robots.

THESE JOBS COULD BE STEAL BY THE ROBOTS SOON 4Zhejiang province, China, two robots deliver food and it’s real. The conversation of these is imagined as “Hello, I am your server Xiaolan (left side) and this is my assistant Xiaotao (Right side). Can we get you a drink? Now you can imagine what is going to be happen in future.

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