Top 10 Hidden Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 came out almost 6 months ago. Although Samsung is more famously known for its Galaxy S series but Samsung Note series also has its share of loyal followers. People have been Mesmerized by the mind blowing features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE, but the Note 5 is a fantastic phone in its own right and can give the S6 EDGE a good run for it’s money. The following are the top 10 hidden features of  Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

1- Interaction Control:

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5- Interaction ControlOne of the main hidden features of Samsung galaxy note 5 is that you can basically completely lock someone out of your phone. You have to go to the personal bar in the settings menu and then select accessibility. In Accessibility, go towards interaction control option and enable it. Then you have to open an app, for example Dialer, then hold the volume and power key together for a few seconds till a frame appears on screen. Then you have to draw a line around an area to to select the restricted area and press done. Then if those areas are tempered with, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will not respond, then you have to either hard reset your phone or again press the Home and power button together for a several seconds to disable.

2- Auto Restart:

Auto Restart in Samsung Galaxy Note 5You can access this feature under backup and reset in settings, you can set the timer and the day for your cell phone to go off automatically. This is a very good trick to save battery. This feature will only work if the sim card lock is off, the battery is more than 30% and the phone is inactive or not in use.

3- Auto Backup:

Auto Backup in Samsung Galaxy Note 5The Note 5 has a feature which will allow your phone to auto backup messages, contacts and email every hour with your Samsung account as long the device is not in use but the WiFi should be connected. This is a great way to ensure that your data is always backed up without doing it manually. This is among the best features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as it will backup your data automatically, when connected to WiFi.

4- Creating Vibration Pattern:

Creating Vibration Pattern in Samsung Galaxy Note 5Note 5 also came up with a feature of creating your own vibration pattern so that you can ensure your phone vibrates the way you want it. As the basic vibration pattern can sometimes be too noisy or so silent and low that you won’t realize that you are receiving a call. So you can personalize your vibration pattern for a specific person or for everyone. This is also among the most noticed features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as other devices don’t give you such amazing options.

5- Reducing Screen Size:

Reducing Screen Size in Samsung Galaxy Note 5Samsung Galaxy Note 5 allows you to reduce screen size for one-handed operation. The previous Note smartphones have a feature to reduce the size of the keyboard but in Note 5 you can reduce the size of the entire screen. This option is available in Accessibility in Settings.

6- Raw Format Pictures:

Raw Format Pictures in Samsung Galaxy Note 5The camera of Note 5 is very impressive with 16 megapixel front camera and a 5 megapixel front camera. One of the camera modes in Note 5 is Pro Mode, this mode has an option to take photos in the Raw Format. This means that the photos taken will be completely uncompressed and they will be of the similar quality to the photos taken by Professional photographers. This is also included in our best features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 list because this option is rarely found on other devices.

7- Animated Photos:

Animated Photos in Samsung Galaxy Note 5Apart from having an animation option in Camera modes. Photos that are in the gallery can be animated by using the Note 5. Firstly you have to select any photo and then you have to select animate, then you can animate that photo by adding up to 19 more photographs and all these photographs will be shown animated together. And in this case you can also combine several animated images together.

8- Using S-Pen For Highlighting Texts:

Using S-Pen For Highlighting Texts in Samsung Galaxy Note 5On Note 5 you can use your S-pen for highlighting the text on websites or apps. Text on Apps such as Instagram and other websites can be easily highlight by pushing the button on the S-pen then selecting the text. The words highlighted can also be copy pasted into a word document and the words can also be defined and translated in other languages such as German.

9- Mini Apps:

Mini Apps in Samsung Galaxy Note 5In the Note 5 apps can be minimized from the corner and and then they can be further minimized till they become an icon on screen. You can also push the multi-screen button and grab and hold any app to turn it into a mini app. This way you can have multiple applications running on your screen at the same time.

10- Download Booster:

Download booster in Samsung Galaxy Note 5Under connection settings, there is an option of Download booster. Through this feature, the speed of your local internet and the 3G internet will be used simultaneously to download any application, music or movie on your phone. This ensures maximum download speed.

Our list of Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ends here, there is a lot to come from Samsung no doubt so stay tuned!

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