Top 10 Hidden Features Of Samsung Galaxy S7

Top 10 Hidden Features Of Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung’s new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is finally here. Will this phone be the new game changer in the smartphone market or is it another slightly modified version of its Predecessor. To see how does Samsung Galaxy S7 is fare compared to it’s predecessor Samsung Galaxy S6, we look at the top 10 hidden features of Samsung Galaxy S7.

1) One Handed Operation

One handed Operation - Top 10 Hidden Features Of Samsung Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S7 is already a pretty comfortable handset to use with one hand due to its 5.1-inch design. However, if you’re still struggling to operate it with one hand S7’s one handed mode will take care of that. Go to Settings, then scroll down to Advanced Features. In here you’ll find the ‘One-handed operation’ setting with two options  ‘Reduced screen size’, which shrinks the usable desktop to the bottom of the screen when you press the home button three times , and ‘One-handed input’ which moves the keyboard to one side of the screen. WOW, one among the note-worthy features of Samsung Galaxy S7.

2) Change Grid Size

Change Grid Size - Top 10 Hidden Features Of Samsung Galaxy S7

You can quickly change the display grid size on S7. To do this, press and hold your finger on a spare bit of desktop space and then tap the ‘Screen grid’ option that pops up. The default setting of the 4×4 grid, allows 16 app shortcuts on each desktop. If you select 5×5 and you can fit around 25 shortcuts on your desktop screen.

3) Improve Battery life While Gaming

Improved Battery life while Gaming - Top 10 Hidden Features Of Samsung Galaxy S7

Open the Game Launcher by tapping the icon in your apps, then tap the power modes option below the game list. There are three modes to choose from. ‘Save Power’ which reduces the resolution and FPS of your game. Or, if you’re almost out of battery completely entirely, choose the ‘Save Maximum Power’ option instead, which bumps the resolution down even lower. With that done, open your game through the Game Launcher and your changes will take effect and the games will drain a lot less battery.

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