Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016

Android gaming has come very far over the past several years. Nowadays the games coming out for smartphones are almost of console quality. You can lose hours upon hours playing these best Android games and never get bored of them. To see how much mobile gaming has progressed more recently, lets take a look at the top ten best Android games of 2016.

Top 10 Best Android Games Of 2016

1) Traffic Rider:

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016 - Traffic Rider

Traffic rider is one of the best Android games so we have started off our list with a fantastic Bike Racing game which is Traffic Rider. In this game you have to drive through a lot of traffic in a variety of motor cycles. The game is played from a first person view where you can also view the dashboard of all the different bikes you’re driving in first person. The attention to detail in this game is absolutely immense and beautiful.

Traffic Rider also features this game as day and night cycle, you are driving your bike in the middle of the sunny day, then in the  next level you will driving in the night. The game features a lengthy campaign mode, which has missions which different tasks that you have to complete. You get cash rewards as you complete levels and level up to unlock more bikes and modes for the game.

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2) Cut the Rope Magic:

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016 - Cut the Rope Magic

Cut the Rope Magic, follows the same formula the previous Cut the rope games followed with several additional features and more unique levels and puzzles. Bending physics to your will (or attempting to) remains as fun and satisfying as it was when the Cut the Rope series launched back in 2010. The character transformations add depth to the experience, too as it allows you to come up with smart strategies to clear a level. As always, there’s more than one way to catch the candy. It’s up to you to find that route — and then you have to re-think your strategy if you want to grab all three stars in a stage.

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3) Dead Effect 2:

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016 - Dead Effect 2

A sequel to the first Dead Effect. Dead Effect 2 is game for people who are fan of survival horror games or fans of Zombie shooter games in general. This game has console quality graphics and runs smoothly and the actions is really fast paced and fighting through waves of zombies has never felt so satisfying. The game also features a really solid story mode, with better voice acting and direction then its predecessor.

You can choose three characters in the campaign all of whom have a different combat style. One of them prefers to fight zombies with his sword whereas the other prefers to shoot his way through the undead. The level up system, mission and upgrades are also better this time. And the music and sound effects are very good. Dead Effect 2 is a console quality FPS Survival Horror game.

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4) Sniper Fury:

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016 - Sniper Fury

Another Game Loft game, which means you are in a high quality title. In Sniper Fury, you play the role of a sniper who has joined the fight against global terror. The game has over 130 missions to complete, several gaming modes and stunning graphics. You will have the opportunity to purchase and upgrade several sniper rifles and assault weapons as you progress through the game.

The games features immersive graphics, great sound effects and also has the cool feature of following and controlling your sniper bullet in slow motion as it reaches your target.

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5) Need for Speed: No Limits:

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016 - Need for Speed

Here is another fantastic racing title on our list, which is a part of the famous Need for speed series. the last NFS game to come out for mobile was Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Need for Speed: No Limits is an improvement in almost every way, it has tons of different cars to unlock, many customization options, which you unlock as your progress, fun racing, fantastic graphics for a racing game on Android.

The game also features tons of different modes, including a lengthy story mode, which is a staple of the series and online multiplayer races.

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6) Smash Cricket:

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016 - Smash Cricket

Cricket games for the Android have been somewhat of a hit and miss, the last good cricket games I remember playing for Android were stick cricket and Real Cricket 15. The Cricket games bounced back with a really good game in the form of Smash Cricket. For starters this game nails the super 3D graphics. This is one of the best sports games I have seen for the Android. The sound effect of the crowd cheers feel realistic as if you are there.

It also features level up system and upgrades. Furthermore this game is packed with tons of different online and offline modes and is absolutely free to play. If you are a cricket fan or not, this game will be definitely fun to play.

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7) Color Switch:

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016 - Color Switch

A rather simple but challenging and addictive game for Android. In Color Switch you have to tap to keep a ball bouncing in the air and match its color to moving obstacles in order to pass through it while avoiding crashing into a different color than your ball. The game is challenging and fun, and it is endless you have to score as high as possible and then compare your score with other players. Color switch always follows a different path each time you start the game to avoid repetition.

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8) Gods of Rome:

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016 - Gods of Rome

When it comes to making games, Game loft is no amateur. They have some of the highest quality titles you can find in the Google Play Store and Gods of Rome is no different. Following the style of fighting games like Injustice Gods Among us and WWE Immortals, Gods of Romes delivers a high impact, high paced and hard hitting fighting game, with amazing graphics for the Android with characters from the Greek Mythology and is definitely one of better recent fighting games to try on play store.

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9) Driver: Speedboat Paradise:

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016 - Driver Speedboat Paradise

This is a beautiful boat racing but on of the best Android games. It has great game play and many different modes to play. it’s campaign mode is lengthy and features an actual story line which follows the player, you can even choose your clients and sponsors and decide how much cut you will get for each of your races. The races are also long, and features many stunts. There are a tons of boats in the shop to choose from and they can also be upgraded. This game is exactly what is title implies a paradise for speedboat driving.

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10) Beast Quest:

Top Ten Best Android Games Of 2016 - Beast

We cap off out list of top 10 best Android games of 2016 with an Role Playing Game (RPG), honestly there are not many great rpgs for the Android in my opinion. But Beast Quest actually delivers and is a really good action RPG for Android, its game play and combat  are fast, its features a simple but effective leveling up system, which allows you upgrade your health, damage resistance and speed, which is a staple. Ofocurse no RPG is complete without collectibles or treasure chests and this game has plenty.

The story line is also very good and engaging and will keep your interest. there are also tons of different quests to play in this game. Whats the best thing about this game, is that it is free to play and you don’t even need internet connection to play it. This is also one of those best Android games in which you can easily spend hours on and have tons of fun if you are an RPG enthusiast.

GET THIS GAME: Beast Quest

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