Top Ten Hidden Features of iPhone 6

Top Ten Hidden Features Of iPhone 6

iPhone 6 comes up with extremely high expectations of being a fantastic smartphone which allows the users to enjoy the different number of available features. This article will tell you about the top 10 hidden features of iPhone 6 that you may not know about. Apple introduces a lot of new features in its new operating system i.e iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 which has changed the way iPhone 6 can be used.

So following are some hidden features of iPhone 6 which you might not know…

1- Stop Music From Timer:

The first among all hidden features of iPhone 6 is that you can stop the music on the iPhone 6 at any time by simply going on to the timer, selecting a specific time and then selecting the option of “Stop Playing” in the timer’s menu. This will stop the music playing on the iPhone automatically at the very specific time you set.

2- Shake Device To Undo Typing:

Another unique fun feature of iPhone 6 is that in case if you make a mistake while typing on the wall of your phone, then you can delete what you have written by simply shaking your device. When you shake your device then a new window will appear and it will be asking to press undo and if you press it then it will delete what you have typed.

3- Share Files With Mac Devices:

By using iOS 8 you can use AirDrop to share files, photos and links with your Mac. Simply tap on to the share icon at the bottom of different applications to open the traditional share menu. After this, you will see a list for your Mac device above the normal sharing options.

4- Grayscale And Inverted Colors:

You can go to the accessibility menu in settings and can change the display color of the iPhone6 to gray scale, this will change the whole display of the iPhone 6 into black & white. For further tweaks you can also invert the grayscale colors, to give your phone a cool black and white look. The grayscale color is also a neat trick to save battery life of the iPhone 6.

5- Identifying Songs With Siri:

If we’re talking about features of iphone 6 then how can we forget SIRI?. The Siri in the iPhone 6 can identify songs, by saying What song it is?, What’s this songs? or “Name this tune” and to allow Siri to hear the song by using your PC or another smartphone, Siri will identify the name of the song and the artist.

6- Record Videos At 60 FPS:

At default the iPhone 6 can record videos at only 20 FPS, but this can be change in settings. Go to settings > Photos and Camera and selecting record videos at 60 FPS. It will allow you to record videos in high quality and  you can enjoy the experience while watching them.

7- Phone Speaker Can Use To Read Content:

Another cool feature among all hidden features of iPhone 6 is that you can use your phone speaker to read the contents of different pages. This can be done by swiping two fingers on the top of the iPhone 6. Then contents of the page will be read out by the phone. This trick works anywhere anytime on the iPhone 6, even if you are on the page of a browser and don’t want to read the full content.

8- Automatically Backup Your Photos:

If you want to take an important photo, then you will turn on iCloud Photo Library. This will keep your iPhone 6 photos safely backed up and secure so that even if the iPhone drops and breaks, or you switch to another iPhone, your photos will remain safe. To enable iCloud Photo Library you have to go to Settings > Photos and Camera and turn on iCloud Photo Library (Beta).

9- Take pictures Using Headset:

You can use the button in your headset to take pictures when the camera application is open. When the camera is in position, press the headset button to take the picture. This is extremely helpful when taking selfies.

10- Visiting Websites in Desktop Mode:

This interesting feature allows you to visit websites on the iPhone 6 as they appear on the desktop or Personal Computers. In Safari browser you simply have to pull down the URL and reveal the various options, you can select the option of “Request Desktop Site” and this will show you the website in the Desktop Mode.

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