WiFi Speeding Tips Which Can Help You In Christmas Holidays

WIFI SPEEDING TIPS WHICH CAN HELP YOU IN CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYSDo you know that about 20% of poor Wi-Fi performance is caused by the lights in the home and different electronic gadgets? So I have some simple WiFi speeding tips which helps you a lot in these holidays.

On Daily basis, we face so many issues regarding network jamming and we put all the blame to the slow broadband. Before blaming, you must know that phones and other electronic devices can interfere with your Wi-Fi signals because they compete for frequencies. But sill by changing the location of the Wi-Fi router and other electronic devices, it can lead to an improvement in performance of internet speed.

Check out these WiFi Speeding tips. Just follow these simple tips to maximize your Wi-Fi speed.

Restarting Your WIFI Router:

WIFI SPEEDING TIPS TROUGH ROUTERIt’s a good option if you are having some connectivity issues. Restarting the routers allows it to search for a new channel that is not being used by other devices.

Moving Your WIFI Router Away From Electronic Devices:

All the electronic devices have been known to cause obstacles to broadband routers, so the best is to keep your routers away from them and as well as those devices which emit wireless signals such as baby monitors.

Keep Your Router To A Central Part Of Your Home:

Walls and even furniture can create a barrier to your Wi-Fi signals. Moreover, the power cables running through walls and floor can also act as an obstacle. The best decisions is to keep away from other devices and putting your router on a table in the center of the home.WIFI SPEEDING TIPS TROUGH OFCOM

A new app has been launched by Ofcom to help you in analyzing and improving your Wi-Fi connections. If we talk about the facts and figures, six million offices and home could improve their wireless broadband.

The application “Ofcom Wi-Fi checker runs on smart devices and it allows you to discover the quality of you wireless internet signal wherever you’re living. Furthermore, it provides tips and solutions to get the best connections. The app is free to download now from Google play store and Apple’s app store.

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