5 Reason Why People Chants Against John Cena

5 Reason Why People Chants Against John CenaJohn Cena full name John Felix Anthony Cena was born on 23 April, 1977. He is an American professional wrestler since 1999, he made his television debut on June 27, 2002. John Cena is one of the WWE Superstar who got a victory on their debut matches. Since then people began to like him as a WWE superstar.

John Cena has beaten the biggest star in history including The Rock, Randy Orton, Big Show, Edge, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and many more. He is the biggest star of the current generation and he is literally the “Face of the WWE”. He has won WWE Championship 12 times and World Heavy Weight Championship 3 times. He has also won US Championship 3 times and he is also a Money in the Bank (2012) winner. He is one of the Superstar that has won Royal Rumble matches 2 times. John Cena is also holding a record of winning big matches against big WWE superstars.

So a WWE superstar who has won championship 15 times, who is nearly going to break the record of Ric Flair and who is the top superstar of this generation is now getting no support from the crowd. During a match people chants against John Cena i.e. “John Cena Suck” and “You can’t Wrestle” etc. People are getting sick of John Cena and they don’t want to see him again as a face of the WWE.

Why people began to hate him? Why people chants against him? Why people favor other superstar over John Cena? And why people do not want to see John Cena as a face of the WWE? These are the questions that WWE executives have never understood. So why people hate John Cena? May be because of the following reasons.

Not enough moves:

One of the reason is that John Cena have limited 4 to 5 moves that he has used in every match since 2002. Running shoulder tackle, followed by another running shoulder tackle, then a spinning side slam, 5 knuckle shuffle and then Attitude Adjustment and the match is over. WWE fans is getting sick of the repeated moves. Although all WWE Superstars have a limited move but during a match, when other WWE superstar gets beat down then they do what they physically can do but in John Cena’s case this is totally different.

Finishing Move:

Attitude Adjustment is just as simple move as throwing your opponent from the shoulder. It is not a modern era finishing move.

The Champ Is Here All The Time:

From 2005 to 2014 John Cena has won 12 championship and has attended 60 PPV for WWE title. WWE fans are tired of seeing him fight for WWE title. So that the new superstars i.e Roman Reigns,Bray Wyatt and Ryback etc are not getting chance for WWE title because the champ is here all the time.

John Cena Never Gets Hurt:

During a match of John Cena, opponent beats him from the start till the end and then John Cena comeback with 2, 3 moves and gets a victory. No matter how much he is beaten down, John Cena always gets back up as he never felt. WWE fans are getting sick of all these.

Super Cena:

People called him Super Cena because he wins 99% of the time. People are tired of seeing him winning for WWE title and as well as people are getting bored to see that match in which one superstar gets beat down in a whole match and then comeback with 2, 3 moves and gets a victory.

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