WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Predictions

1)WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match:WWE-Elimination-Chamber-2015-Predictions

For the first time in WWE, Tag Team action will be take place inside Elimination Chamber in which WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day will defend their title against 5 other tag teams. Tag Teams include Tyson Kidd & Cesaro, Prime Time Players, The Ascensions, Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons. The only way to win in this match is by Pinfall and Submission and it is possible when one tag team survive till the end then they will declare as a winner.

The Ascension is very powerful since they have entered in WWE they have beaten up almost every tag team in the ring. Now it is time for The Ascensions to arise. It will their opportunity in the Elimination Chamber and they are going to prove it to the WWE universe. The Ascensions is going to win at Elimination Chamber by defeating all five other teams.

Winner: The Ascensions

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