WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Predictions

2) Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match:WWE-Elimination-Chamber-2015-Predictions-2

At WrestleMania 31, Daniel Bryan has WrestleMania moments when he defeated other six superstars in a Ladder match and won first time intercontinental championship. But he could not hold it for too long because on one of the episode of Raw, Daniel Bryan surrendered his title due to injury. WWE has later announced that intercontinental championship match will be held inside the chamber in which 6 superstars will fight for the intercontinental championship. Six superstars include R Truth, Sheamus, King Barrett, Ryback, Dolph Zigglar and Rusev.

Rusev is the most dangerous superstar in WWE. In 2014 when he debuted , he was dominating in the WWE  he was undefeated for a long time and he has beaten big WWE superstars like, Big Show, Mark Henry, Sheamus and John Cena etc. But at WrestleMania 31 he lost to John Cena and after that he is continuously losing. Rusev has lost 3 straight Pay Per Views which include Wresltlemania 31, Extreme Rules and Payback.

Although he has entered in an elimination chamber for the intercontinental title. But due to his bad luck, Rusev has suffered a leg injury on last Smack Down tapings whereas WWE has not confirmed that whether Rusev will be able for a match at elimination chamber or not. If he will be able then to cover his previously losses, he is going to win inside the chamber by surviving until the end. He will show to the WWE universe that he is unstoppable.

If Rusev will not 100% fit to compete in this match then Sheamus is going to take the advantage of it. Sheamus is also a strong opponent for Intercontinental title.

Winner: Rusev or Sheamus


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