WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Predictions

4) United States Champion John Cena vs NXT Champion Kevin Owens:WWE-Elimination-Chamber-2015-Predictions-5

Kevin Owens is a 31 years old NXT Champion who is holding NXT title since 104 days. On the 2nd last episode of Raw when John Cena’s US open challenge was going on, Kevin Owens entered in the WWE ring and not only disrespect John Cena but also hit a Pop-up Powerbomb to the 15 time world champion.

WWE has made a match officially between John Cena and Kevin Owens in which Kevin Owens will be in action for the first time in WWE. Although Kevin Owens is a talented superstar but at Elimination Chamber he is going to suffer for his action on raw because he has hit Pop-up Powerbomb to John Cena twice. John Cena is going to beat Kevin Owens.

 Winner: John Cena

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